I am a cripple, and I like baths.

Sometimes, it’s for pain control and relaxation.  Mostly it’s because I’m a self indulgent fool.  Honestly, any money I have that doesn’t pay my mortgage, it goes on bathing.

Tonight:  Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream used as a bubble bath.  It wasn’t a good bubble bath, in that there weren’t many bubbles, but it smelt amazing, kind of like chocolate orange, but not quite, and kind of like coconut too.  Good job I like that smell, as I got out of the bath an hour ago, and I still smell of it.  (I washed with the gel in the bath as well, that might be why.)

I want you to know that I used to buy a cheap and cheerful clementine and ginger bubble bath from the Essential Waitrose range, and that was great for a quick, nice smelling, easy breezy relaxing bath, and it cost £1.15, or cheaper if it was on special offer.  The bastards have discontinued it, I think.  Weirdly, the same-scented soap is still available.  I’ve never tried it, I’m snobby about cheap soap in a way I’m not snobby about cheap bubble bath.

Anyway, I’m looking for a new everyday cheap bubble bath and, in the meantime, I may as well have everything I earn wired straight to Lush.  There are worse sins.

I followed up with a bit of Hottie massage bar on my shoulder.   I’ve got a trapped nerve + cerebral palsy thing going on and I can’t really turn my head to the right right now, and I thought that might be nice.  I never used to get excited about massage bars, but I tried Wiccy Magic Muscles on impulse a while ago when my legs were really, really not my friends, and it’s been a slippery slope since then.

Anyway, Hottie hasn’t really done anything to mend my shoulder tonight, but it felt good to massage it, which was the point.  The other day my friend stayed overnight and had a shower in the morning – I don’t really have showers, I am crap at standing up, and prefer a soak – and she must have accidentally showered over my Hottie, which was on the side of the bath.  It went all bubbly and weird, but it was fine when I dunked it in the water.  I feel like I should do some kind of GCSE science experiment about that.

If I were taking this seriously, I’d tell you about my shampoo, which is a one off that my independent hairdressers make themselves.  Same with the conditioner.  It’s lovely, but I can’t link to it, and if I could, you’d know where I get my hair cut, and from there it’s a small step until you come and murder me in my bed at night, or something.

On which note, I’m about to go to bed, and I will probably use some Pied de Pepper to massage my feet and legs before I sleep.  It’s spicy and clove-y and warming, and particularly amazing for when those bits of my body hate me.  These days it’s only available intermittently from Lush and everyone talks about it like it’s some crazy retro product, but I remember when it was in the regular range, and I also remember that – before it came  along – Cosmetics to Go had a foot lotion called Fagner’s, and I was so angry when Fagner’s was discontinued, I wrote to CtG.  They never wrote back.


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