Surprise Afternoon Bath

Today I woke up, and wished I could go back to bed.  Excitingly, when I got to work, there was a technical problem – I have a technical job, sort of, it’s a long story – so I couldn’t do what I needed to do, and ended up coming home again.  Lucky me.

I really was planning to go back to bed, but instead I fancied a bath and, very specifically, fancied one with a Cyanide Pill ballistic, which smells of cedarwood and has silver shimmer in it, as well as something pink that spurted out in the final moments of the ballistic dissolving.  And popping candy.  Popping candy in your fucking bath!

Now, Cyanide Pill is one of those Lush products which they only sell at Oxford Street, and it’s not one that anyone gets very excited about, I find.  (When I say ‘anyone’, there is a massive community of bloggers obsessed by Lush.)  When I first tried it, I wasn’t very excited either.  I tend to like woody, earthy scents but this one… it didn’t really work for me.  It was a bit too strong, and the water was a bit too neon yellow.

Then I ended up in Lush Oxford Street last week, and there was a sad little pile of Cyanide Pills in one corner, not like the other bath bombs, there are barrels full of them.  And I quite fancied them, so picked up a couple.

And today, I found I was really really craving that scent, and I’ve been lying in the bath for an hour, and it was blissful.  People talk about what bath bombs are their favourites but, mine, they go with my moods.  Today, I needed something deep, earthy, and slightly dystopian.

A dystopian bath.  Shoot me now.

And now I am sat here and I smell of cedarwood and I am covered in silver sparkle, so that will look ridiculous back in the office tomorrow.




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