Then I went to bed.  And I was lying in bed, thinking how, actually, the post-bath smell of The Enchanter is a bit like a citrusy, Christmassy hug, especially when you’re wrapped under a duvet.

Then my phone made that whooshing noise it makes when an email comes in, and it turned out to be a work email I really needed to read.

Then my foot went into spasm. The solution to this is – there is no solution, I have cerebral palsy – but the way I choose to react to this is to massage lotion into it.

I knew the spicy one would fuck with the orange-y lime-y cuddled up smell I’ve decided I like.  Happily I have a small pot of Sympathy for the Skin lying around. That’s proper old skool Lush that smells like itself – mostly bananas and vanilla.

I don’t routinely use moisturiser because I don’t routinely need moisturising, and it’s a bit of a faff when you have no hand eye co-ordination. However when I’m going to a hot place I take Sympathy for the Skin with me, because it helps not bugger up my skin in the sun.

I figured Sympathy for the Skin might be the one to accompany the citrus-y orange-y foot spasms, and I rubbed some into my dodgy shoulder too.

Now I can mostly tell that I smell of vanilla bananas, but that’s fine, I have been using Sympathy for the Skin so long, I find it very comforting. And when I press my nose into the crook of my elbow, the Christmas oranges are still there, definitely.


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