I didn’t get a bath until around about 08:12 this morning, although when I went to bed last night, not only was Theresa May Prime Minister, but I still smelt of sexy oranges from the evening before’s Enchanter.

This morning, then. I was tired and stressed and I needed not to be.  The classic: Avobath.  The good time Lush fans complain that it does not do anything exciting, but they are wrong:  it smells of lemongrass and zest and maybe bergamot as well.  It makes me happy, it refreshes me.  It makes my flat smell clean and fun and joyful.

I had been working for two hours before I got in the bath, and I added some Avoshower gel to make it bubble, a limited edition shower gel which people who like Avobath rave about, but I am a bit disappointed in, partly because it is weaker than the bath bomb, and also because of an unfortunate mix up of smells in my brain, which meant that the first time I opened the bottle I confused it with raw chicken. My brain is weird.  Predictive text just invited me to write the word ‘nuggets’ after chicken.

All the time I was in my Avobath / Avoshower Frankenbath, my phone was beeping, and my emails were whooshing, and I did not even have time to soap.

But I love Avobath. The water was emerald green. I sniffed in the lemongrass like crack.  No one  will ever tell me any different.



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