I have moved hotels.  I have moved cities, actually.

I am exhausted.  I am stressed.  I knew this would happen.

I brought a Guardian of the Forest bath bomb with me, it is like bathing in a forest, it sometimes works.  But I somehow knew the bath I have this evening would be quick and dirty, and Guardian of the Forest is too good, too peaceful, for a rushed bathe.

So I used the bath/shower gel that was available in the hotel, in one of those 30ml tubes where you snap the lid off.  There wasn’t much to it, it didn’t bubble much, but it smelt nice, sort of like watermelon and sort of like ginger.  I tried to work out what it was, but the ingredients list just says ‘Parfum’.  I did appreciate it, but the bath was shallow, and my legs didn’t really fit in, I’d lifted them up and was pushing my feet against the wall.

My legs are sore.  I might Pied de Pepper them shortly.

I want to go home.  I have one more day away.  I need to wake up early.  I have left my phone in the hire car and somebody else has the keys.  What could possibly go wrong?


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