One Day. Two Baths.

So I binned out a networking event I was supposed to go to, in favour of a takeaway, and a second bath.

I hate networking events, they are largely inaccessible to me.  Whatever the set up is, they always involve being able to move easily around the room, while making polite conversation, and having to appear eminently employable.

Everyone always tells me their networking events are accessible.  They aren’t accessible, they are networking events.

There is nothing about trying to get around a crowded room holding a glass of wine which makes me look like someone you would want to rely upon for anything, especially after a long day’s work, so mostly I don’t go, unless there is a good reason.

When I agreed to go to this one, there was a good reason.  However, I then got invited to a separate meeting with the three people it was important for me to meet.  That meeting was due to be tomorrow.

As today went on, I began to feel increasingly like I was being mauled by a bear.  The palsy is strong today.  At one point I was disturbingly close to falling asleep on the desk, so I thought I would prioritise tomorrow’s meeting and skip the networking hell.

So of course what happened is my meeting has been semi-cancelled, in that all the noises are that it won’t happen, but I haven’t quite been postponed yet.  I will be, tho.  That’s a shame, because I skipped the networking bollocks.

I skipped the networking bollocks in favour of a bath, because of the bear-maul situation.  I didn’t tell them that reason, I told them some work excuse, a work excuse that was true enough to sound good.  Telling them I was being mauled by a bear would make me sound flaky, I know that.  I also know I should just be honest.  What can I say, there are a lot of wankers in my industry, and I’m scared.

Plus, I didn’t want to go there.  I just really needed a bath.  And not just because my meeting had been cancelled.  Also because I got an email from another potential future employer asking me a couple of irritating cripple questions, and I… am grateful for the lesson I learnt a few years ago that you don’t need to answer all emails immediately, and probably shouldn’t when you are in a foul mood.

These pain levels, tho!

I got back and sunk into the bath.  Hot-but-cold, like a warm chicken salad on a summer’s day.  I don’t know why I use chicken metaphors so much.

I almost used another Enchanter, but a plus sized bottle of Perlier Honey Bath Creme arrived today, and I couldn’t resist.  I haven’t used Perlier for ages.  I first found it in a posh pharmacy in Covent Garden, back in the day, when I had no regular work, and no money, and was feeling decadent.

Lush have a shower gel made out of five types of honey called B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful which smells better than any bath product I have ever used.  It makes the whole house smell of rich, decadent honey, does work as a bubble bath even tho it’s not designed that way, and is properly earthy and natural and not too sweet.  I worship at its door.  Lush have brought it back very occasionally, tho they seem to favour bring back the desperately inferior Flying Fox – too much jasmine, not enough honey – more regularly.

Using bath bombs on a nightly basis is not a sustainable habit for me, especially if I am going to refrain from replying to emails about potential work because they are annoying.  I need some cheaper options, especially while I am seeking to replace the discontinued cheapie Waitrose bath stuff I keep banging on about… Tho as I type, I may see hope on the horizon.

Perlier is not cheap, but it is cheaper, bath for bath, than bath bombs, and it feels very decadent to me, because it reminds me of B Never, tho, of course, it is not as good.

So that arrived today, and so did the body scrub that goes with it, and for half an hour I was immersed in honey, and forgot about the bollocks, and it felt good, and I forced myself to shave my legs, just in case that meeting happens tomorrow.

I still feel like I am being mauled by a wild beast, but at least I have pied de pepper massaged into my feet, and I am in bed.



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