Thursday, I was in work at 8am.  By 2pm, I was fantasising about my bath, and figured maybe I should break out another Enchanter, so I would smell of sexy oranges all day today.

I had an end point in my head for Thursday.  A place I wanted to get to before I finished.  7:30pm came and I was about an hour away from that place, and yet my brain was forgetting things that had been said two minutes earlier.

I know my brain well.  We stopped.

I got home at nine, in a taxi.  Sometimes I get taxis because I am decadent, and disabled, and that makes taxis easy to book.  Sometimes I get taxis because there is no other way of me getting home alive.

On the way home,  I was still thinking about the Enchanter, but I was also thinking that I had to eat, and I couldn’t quite cope with the idea of cooking anything, even tho my supermarket delivery arrived Wednesday morning and my fridge was full.

I did a mental flick through everything I could conceivably eat.  Not the risotto.  Definitely not.  I can’t cook risotto, but I had a ready meal one.  Maybe the cannelloni.  Again, one I could shove in the microwave, with a single portion of vegetables, also to shove in.

Yes, the cannelloni.

Although actually I just wanted to take my nutrition in pill form, and sleep.

I remember falling over at some point at home, but I don’t remember when – morning or evening.  Usually that’s because I’ve tripped over something, but yesterday my body just gave up.

So I did eat the cannelloni.  And I was talking to some friends, on social media, because I could barely speak.

And by 11pm I knew I should have been in bed an hour ago, but I also knew I stank like a pig and my hair was lank.

I didn’t want to waste an Enchanter.  An Enchanter’s for savouring, and I only have three left.

I jumped in the bath with some Perlier, I scrubbed myself down with the scrub, and felt glad to be alive.

In bed, I wished someone could massage my spasmodic feet.  I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


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