Today was supposed to be a relaxing day.  My first day off since last Tuesday, and if you knew what I spent last Tuesday doing, other than bathe, you wouldn’t have classified it as a day off.

As it was, I woke up today at 7:39am, with sun streaming through the bedroom, and I was yet again delighted by my balcony sofa.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I planned a low level relaxing day which involved going to my local shopping centre and buying some more toner from Neal’s Yard, while possibly also stopping by Debenhams to hang round the Clinique counter – the pores on my nose are going crazy in the heat, and I want to try a face mask they’ve got – and scoping out my local Waitrose for the range of rebranded cheap bath foams I spotted online the other day.

I was expecting a delivery of two new standard lamps between 11:20-15:20, so I after I had rolled around in bed for a while, I woke up properly, made breakfast, sat on the balcony and spied on my neighbours, and did the mental calculation of whether I could have a bath before the lamps arrived.

At 09:49, the driver called and said he was half an hour away, so that was that.

He did arrive, after more than half an hour, and with a hullaballo about my postcode, and told me he wasn’t taking away the empty packaging, even tho I thought he was supposed to, so that was a lovely warm human moment which ended with me huffing three enormous boxes to the basement on my own.

After that, I decided I would try and put one of the two standard lamps together myself.  Let’s just say I question the manufacturer’s claim that assembly of these is ‘easy’, and I now have one half-assembled standard lamp in my bedroom, the second still in its boxes.  And I will be seeking professional help.  And possibly also psychological guidance – I haven’t been so angry and frustrated in ages.

In the middle of me trying to throw one of the lamp bases across the living room, someone I’m working with called me to inform me of a small emergency I could do nothing about, so I spent the next few hours in a state of heightened agitation hoping he was OK, and feeling like I couldn’t leave the flat in case anything else went wrong and I did suddenly need to do something.

Then I knocked some stuff off one of my high shelves with the half-built standard lamp.  I know.

I realised that what I actually needed to do was have a bath, and not just because I was sweating like a dog in a sauna, and my heart was beating at three times its normal speed.

I plumped for one of the bubble bars I picked up in Lush Oxford Street a few weeks back – Grass.  In the shop, it reminded me a bit of Fox in the Flowers and fresh meadows and mown lawns.  I went for it today because I wanted a refreshing, summery scent, tho when I pulled it out of my stash, it actually smelt more like a classic Lush shop scent, than anything particularly lawn-ish.

Immediately I took it out of the packet, I realised it was the right decision.  It is soft and squidgey and therefore easy to crumble under the tap.  I struggle with this with some bubble bars – my hand eye co-ordinantion is crap, and my balance is awful, making the act of crumbling them under the tap semi-impossible.  Not this time.  I used the whole one, because I am a glutton, and there were mountains of bubbles, and a beautiful bright green bath, which smelt happy and summery and fresh, and I climbed into it and sunk down like a hippo bathing in mud, and I stayed there for half an hour, not-quite-asleep and enjoying the scent.

Forty five minutes later, I realised that not only is Grass my favourite bubble bar, with the possible exception of Tweet, but the idea of me going on a shopping spree today was farcical.  I got out of the bath and ordered all the stuff I wanted to buy online – except the Waitrose bath foams, they are going to have to wait.  I found my missing necklace under the sofa.  I made a phone call to check the bloke I’m working with who had the emergency is OK, and he is, sort of.

I’m now on the balcony with a cup of tea, still smelling of outdoors and summer, wishing I could order more Grass bubble bars, tho they appear to have sold out, and I appear to have spent all my money on standard lamps I can’t assemble.



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