Generally, I avoid bath oils.  It’s a thing – the complications of crippledom mean I tend to wash my hair in the bathwater, rather than with a shower, even when I am sitting in the bath.  I could explain, but all you really need to know is that me attempting to shower usually ends with the bathroom being flooded.

Honest to god, it’s not as gross as it sounds – if you wash your hair straight away, it’s fine – but if there’s oil in the bath, you end up with oil in your hair, which defeats the object.

So, no bath oils for me, which is a shame, as I’ve smelt some I really like.  For the same reason, I’ve never been very into Lush’s bath melts, tho I do have a handful of Elixir stashed away, because they’ve got cardamom in them, and I am a whore for cardamom – its taste and its smell, like a big, warm bear hug, every time.

A few months ago, another disabled bather – who knows about and shares my Lush obsession – suggested I try Ceridwen’s Cauldron.  It doesn’t have cardamom, but it does have sandalwood, which is nearly as good.  The oats are meant to be anti-inflammatory, and they probably aren’t, but lord knows I’m inflamed, and I’ll try anything once.

Back in the day, Lush, or possibly Cosmetics To Go, had a bath bomb shaped like an octopus called Damp Squid, which smelled marine, and was wrapped in muslin, and had eyes and legs.  I used to take the eyes off and stick them to the side of my bath.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron has neither eyes, nor legs, but it is wrapped in muslin.  The idea is you use the bag and the oats in the bag to scrub yourself, after the melt has melted.

There are certain scents I would describe as classic Lush scents – scents which remind me of the kind of smells Cosmetics to Go had back in the day.  Ocean Salt did it to me today when I shoved my nose in the tester at Oxford Street.  That one, I think was the salt and citrus, as I used Big daily for years, until I got hypnotised by a very, very good hairdresser into using the one she recommended.  (I used Big today, actually.  I have run out of my usual posh shampoo, and have a little bit of my out of date emergency Big tub left, and I washed my hair with it, and I am not dead.)

Ceridwen’s Cauldron also has a classic Lush scent.  I’m trying to work out why.  Oats, milk… My mum liked a Cosmetics to Go soap called Milky Bar.  It might be that.  Also, once upon a time the Body Shop had an oat cleanser / gel thing I used to use.  I realise Cosmetics to Go and the Body Shop aren’t the same thing, but they’re related, like cousins, and we’re talking twenty five years ago, when I was a spotty teenager in need of a skin miracle, and the relationship was more apparent.

Initially, a Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath does not appear very exciting – there is no whizz bang bath bomb explosion, or colour, or smell.  The bath just gradually becomes more milky.  The thing, tho:  it is VERY soothing.  I’d been feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.  I felt less and less like that, gradually.  I scrubbed myself with the bag of oats.  I’m unsure it did anything, but the oak milk squeezed out over my skin, and it felt lovely.  The very low key scent continued to smell gentle.  I continued to sink into the water.  I wondered about getting out of the bath, and realised I didn’t want to.  I suspect I could have lain there all night.  It felt very decadent.  At nearly £5 for one melt, it was.

I wanted to do something about my aching muscles, so got in there and massaged my limbs with the end of my Hottie, which worked surprisingly well, tho the smell of Hottie overpowered everything, as the smell of Hottie tends to do.

My nuclear option for aching muscles is Marathon Bubble Bar plus Wiccy Magic Muscles, but that’s more… bracing… than relaxing, and that wasn’t what I was after tonight.  Tonight I just wanted to bathe in milk, like Cleopatra.


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