In which I sleep

Today, I woke up at 09:23, rolled around for a bit, called my mum, and considered bathing. I did not bathe because at 09:30, I was informed that a courier I was expecting at midday would actually be arriving within the next hour.

He did arrive, not before he got lost near Tesco on my development, and then I had a supermarket delivery arriving by 11:30, and then an iced coffee fell out of my fridge and exploded all over my kitchen floor and splashed onto my living room carpet, and I did my best to clear it up, which was not very good, and then I drank another iced coffee, then it was midday, and I did not feel much like bathing anymore.

The fantastical part of my brain was contemplating a trip to Jo Loves to replace the perfume I smashed the other day, or at least I had dreams of floating round the shop and sniffing everything and politely discussing basenotes and topnotes, but the realistic part of my brain knew there was no chance in hell, as I could barely stand up.

So I ordered a new perfume online, and that made me happy even tho it was reckless – I am reckless – and then I made some phone calls, and considered drinking a gin and tonic.  I did not do that, I went back to bed instead.

I woke up 90 minutes ago,  having been asleep for four hours, and I feel better for it, but I do not feel like bathing, so I have watched some stupid YouTube videos online, and eaten a beef-and-pasta based ready meal, and drunk lots of water, and it will not be long before I go back to bed again.



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