Day Off

Today I had a day off.  My boss texted me to check I was actually having a day off.  It was reassuring to realise that I have been looking so calm and fresh-faced around the office.

Obviously, there was a bath.  I was thinking probably a Grass Bubble Bar – I couldn’t sleep, and passed the time by imagining my bath.  At one point, I nearly got out of bed and had a bath, but I knew that would screw all my plans for today.

I fell asleep eventually, woke up, pottered, and when it was time, what I fancied was a nice fresh Avobath, which I supplemented with Avoshower – its limited edition shower gel sister, which I am not really convinced by – to give me bubbles and make the water greener.  More green.  Emerald.

The thing about Avobath is it always makes me feel fresh, and I don’t feel fresh very often.  It’s a very crisp scent.  I think that’s the lemongrass, which is strange – I don’t often associate lemongrass with crispness, but that tells you what I know.

Anyway, it was good.  And afterward, I went back to sleep.



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