Vomiting Unicorns

I started writing this yesterday then fell asleep.  Yesterday evening I have discovered when I sit on my balcony in the dark, I can see what my neighbours opposite are watching on the telly.  Of course this also means I should never walk around topless in the flat.  Lesson learnt.

On Friday night, if you’d asked me, I would have told you my plan was to wake up in the morning and have a lengthy, decadent bath with brightside bubble bar.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I own one, and it’s bright and citrus-y and orange-y and I really want to go for it.

In the event, I woke up feeling like death, and didn’t actually get out of bed until 14:34, unless you count staggering to the living room to get the landline to talk to my mum and, believe me, it was a stagger.

I sat on my balcony for a while, drinking tea.  On my balcony in my nightie with a cardigan over the top of it.  There was lots of tea.  I knew I wanted a bath.  I was also considering going to the pub by the river of lunch, but lunchtime had already been and gone, and I did not seem to be moving anywhere.

I think I go on about my balcony on social media in the way some people go on about their children.  Sorry.  Sorry Sorry.  It’s a good balcony, tho.

I needed to have a bath, but by mid-afternoon, it felt a bit of a waste to try Brightside, which I have always considered to be a wake-me-up first-thing-in-the-morning bath – or at least, I assume it to be.

And then there was Dragon’s Egg.  One of those bath bombs from Lush’s usual range that it’s really easy to forget about entirely.  I picked a couple up in my Oxford Street jaunt a few weeks ago.  And then forgot about it again, until I was sorting out my stash.

Dragon’s Egg reminds me of sherbet.  It’s not sharp.  It’s quite sweet.  It’s orange-y, it’s lemon-y.  It’s an in-love-with-itself show-y off-y bath bomb which takes ages to fizz away, and foams up, and spews colours everywhere, like a unicorn vomiting.  Very clever.  Pretty archetypal, as bath bombs go.  I have always found the smell underwhelming in comparison.  It’s nice, but not one I run home for.  Or something.

Yesterday, the smell wasn’t very evident at all – it does  vary from bath to bath – but that might have been because I was using my Clinique mask to tighten my face.  Trust me, my face needed tightening yesterday.

It was good.  All good.

I got out.  I put on my culottes that are like putting on pyjamas.  I lay on my balcony and waited for my friend to come, so we could drink gin.



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