Choo Choo

It’s strange, what makes you proud.  Today, I used public transport in London to get to work for the first time in ages – the tube and the overground, not buses, I use buses all the time.  If you knew precisely how fat and lazy I’ve been about getting to work, you’d know why that’s good.  jk – I am not lazy, I am a bit fat, getting around has been a … thing I have avoided for a few months, which hasn’t helped with the fat thing, but wasn’t entirely voluntary either.  Oh, spasticity, how we love you!

ANYHOW, today was a non-bathing day, because I had a meeting, and I wanted to go to that meeting with dry hair, and I couldn’t be bothered to – read, couldn’t – dry my hair this morning, so I had no choice but to not wash it, so hooray for dry shampoo.  Sometimes it’s Batiste, but also, a few months ago my magical hairdresser introduced me to Indie, and now I’m in love.  I don’t know, I never imagined I’d be the sort of girl who had preference for one dry shampoo over another, it doesn’t feel very feminist, but I have greasy hair, I have fine hair, I don’t always have the energy to do anything about my hair every morning.  Dry shampoo, it is a spastic girl’s dream, and the Indie one, the Indie one I can spray any which way and with gay abandon, and it doesn’t feel sticky, and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing it, but it does work, in that it makes me look like I’ve got clean hair, and it gives the appearance that I am less lazy / spastic than I am, and that’s helpful when I’m going to important meetings in the early morning.

I’ve just noticed it has quinoa in it.  WTF?  But also, I don’t care.

I might have a bath now, but I am also watching synchronised diving, and it’s quite compelling.  Two questions:  how does it work, and why would you bother?


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