Ching Ling Soo

Today at work, I was telling the story about getting the anti-ageing moisturiser samples, and I had to explain that I was buying pillow mist, and everyone laughed at me for being the person who buys pillow mist, so that showed me.  Fuckers.

I still don’t know if pillow mist works.  It was pleasant last night.  I had a lovely sleep.  I enjoy the smell of bergamot.  I have no idea if these things are related.

Yesterday night I realised that – as I am going to bed in pain, and sleeping very badly, and waking up very stiff – I should probably sort out my pain / spasticity medication.  So today I tried calling my neurologist’s secretary to make an appointment, but apparently I have to go through my GP, which is tedious and will take weeks longer, especially as the one GP in the practice who wasn’t scared of me and my weird body went on maternity leave last year and never came back.

There is another GP in the practice who isn’t an idiot, so I made an appointment to see him, but can’t until a week on Friday.  When I do see him, he will simply agree to refer me to the neurologist, and write her a letter, and she will agree to see me in several months time.  Personally, I can’t think of a better use of my time, my GP’s time, my consultant’s time, or NHS resources.  FFS.

I promise I am not actually angry all the time.  I am quite nice and smiley in real life.  But honestly, FFS.

Today was a good day, it really was.  A lot of stuff got done.  But not the neurology appointment, because that is never allowed to be easy.

And all topped off with my first bath in days.

It’s not that I hate Ching Ling Soo – a bath bomb I got from Lush Kitchen, and one I don’t really remember from its original incarnation around 1999.  That’s unusual because I remember most things from those days.  At least, I remember the bath bombs, it’s when the obsession began.

It’s a tangerine and cardamon scented old fashioned bath bomb – so it doesn’t do much fancy, except smell nice and turn the water a nice colour.  That’s cool with me.  I remember when Cosmetics to Go existed and bath bombs were thrilling just because they were a new concept, and a Blackberry Bath Bomb was pretty much the most exciting bathing experience possible.  None of this vomiting unicorn nonsense.

Anyway, I love spicy scents and particularly love the taste and smell of cardamon – a colleague made cardamon buns today, I love her – and I love sharp citrus scents, so I thought I couldn’t go wrong.  When I used the first one, I was disappointed.  I tried again today because I fancied something fruity and I wanted a bit of spice.  The problem is that the spice isn’t spicy enough and the tangerine isn’t fruity enough.  It’s kind of non-committal.  It isn’t offensive, it’s just a bit weak.  The scent is there, it’s just a bit powdery.

Anyway, it was nice to have a bath again.  I used the new shampoo and conditioner, which has the weirdest instructions of any shampoo ever: ‘To use: apply on wet and clean hair, gently massage and leave it in for a few minutes while applying a slight pressure using the fingertips in a circular motion to enhance the microcirculation’.

I can’t say I enhanced my microcirculation, but my hair is clean, and it smelt nice.  Of rosemary and eucalyptus.  And there was this funny refreshing cooling sensation after I used the conditioner.  Either that, or my hair will all have fallen out tomorrow.

(Not really.)

And then I massaged with the Pearl massage bar which is still way too floral for me, but I enjoyed the pressure of it on my neck and shoulders, and now I am in bed, surrounded by pillow mist, still massaging the oil into my aching muscles, feeling very pleased with myself.


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