I think this might count as a Lush Haul

After weeks of stalking round department stores pretending I had a wedding to go to – I don’t – I have finally invested in some new make up, namely an Urban Decay glittery eyeshadow palette.  I have never bought an eyeshadow palette before, Jesus.

Explainer:  I basically don’t wear make up, because I can’t be arsed.  It’s a hand eye co-ordination thing – it takes me AGES to do even basic make up, and when I do I look like a clown because I don’t have enough subtle hand-eye co-ordination to look like anything else.

But I LOVE wearing make up when I am going out, as part of an outfit, and I make a virtue of the clown thing and use bright colours and glitter, and just lots of it.  I don’t use things like eyeliner because – DON’T BE SILLY, HOW?!  But that Urban Decay palette has been looking at me for an age.

Anyhow I just spent the first hour of my day refreshing the Lush Kitchen website.  They were re-releasing Fizzy-o-Therapy which I was obsessed by when it was an actual real regular product, so good is it for aching muscles.  Mustard!  Cinnamon!  And yes, it does smell a bit disgusting and leave a ring round your bath… Don’t care!

And then because, as previously established, I have no self control, I also got a couple of Bubbling Under bubble bars, because I like Big Blue a LOT, and bubble bars are my new thing.  I always knew they existed, but somehow I didn’t care until a month ago, and now I am a bit obsessed.

On which note, a French Kiss slipped into my basket, because not only does Fizzy-O solve cerebral palsy, French Kiss has lavender in it and clearly will solve insomnia, as well as smelling of rosemary, like my new shampoo.

In other news, spending ban until my next invoice gets paid.


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