Last Night I dreamt of PJ Harvey

My greatest achievement of yesterday was remembering to buy a large white bap from Tesco so that I could have a bacon roll this morning.

I just ate the bacon roll.  It was good.

Yesterday I was working at home, and no one was answering their phone, but that was cool with me because I didn’t feel much like talking on the phone yesterday anyway.

Ironically, I missed a call from neurology, who didn’t leave a message, but I’m hoping were calling to say they’ve seen the light and I can come to the next clinic.

Otherwise my summary of yesterday is: OW!

By the evening, I was sweary and craving macaroni cheese, which precipitated the trip to Tesco.  At the time I felt like I was dragging myself up Mount Snowdon, but it was good macaroni cheese, on the balcony, watching the Olympics through someone else’s window. Life is good, really.

I spent an age deciding what to put in my bath, which is just a sign that I really do have too much Lush stuff, and need to stop.  Spending ban, spending ban.  But I was consistently craving Sex Bomb, which is pink and floral and smells strongly of jasmine, all of which I am mostly indifferent about, except last night, when I wanted its simplicity.  It’s very, very relaxing, and very very pink.  And it has a flower on top made of foamy bits, that I don’t really understand.  But last night, it was all lovely.

I do love the woodsy scent – a good Guardian of the Forest bath will probably never be bettered as far as I’m concerned – but sometimes I just want it easy.

Just when I was in danger of falling asleep in the bath – that’s good, I need to fall asleep at the moment – I washed my hair with the weird rosemary and mint shampoo/conditioner, which I still can’t get used to, but my hair still hasn’t fallen out yet, and looks OK.  It also woke me right up, which is bad, so I sunk back down into the bath for another twenty minutes, and kneaded my knotty shoulders and neck again with a Pearl massage bar.

I fell straight to sleep afterwards.

This morning I smell of roses and jasmine, which is not what I usually smell of.


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