Bruise Pristine

It appears to be the case I haven’t blogged for a week, which is mainly because I’ve been busy, but also because I still love prescription medication and it is actually true that since I’ve been taking Baclofen again, I’ve been less inclined to take baths.

I still love baths.  It’s just my pain levels are much lower for now, so I’m self-medicating with them less.  I’m also drinking less gin.  I don’t have a gin problem, but these things are related.  Baclofen suppresses the central nervous system.  Like alcohol.  Fuck knows if baths also do that, but probably.  They suppress my racing mind, in a good way.

I’m sleeping more – presumably because my body hates me less – and I’m dribbling more, and I feel a bit sick and dizzy, and this week I went to the hospital to talk to a registrar about something else entirely and my blood pressure was high, which is a shame.  Tho for that I blame the healthcare assistant who decided she wanted to measure my height, but wouldn’t accept there was no point in measuring me against a wall because I can’t put my heels against my wall and I can’t stand straight.  It was weird.  I can tell her how tall I am.  Does she think I would lie?  Why would I lie?  It’s a hospital, not a dating site.

She also weighed me with my shoes on and immediately after I’d eaten lunch, so fuck knows what she thinks my BMI is.  I’m not saying my BMI is exemplary, but the one she’s written down… it isn’t correct.  That’s all.

This is what happened to me at the hospital.  Bastards.


Apart from that, I have a twitchy eye.  It’s well annoying.  And possibly entirely unrelated to Baclofen, and possibly not, too.  Shit.

Anyhow, in all this time, I’ve been bathing.  Just less compulsorily.  I tried the Brightside Bubble Bar for the first time.  I was hoping it would smell like Tweet, which smells like bathing in actual tangerine juice, and was my favourite bubble bar of all time, until I tried Grass.  Alas, Brightside smells like Tango, and I don’t like Tango, tho I wasn’t offended.  And I had another Guardian of the Forest bath, just because I wanted to, and not because I was stressed, which felt unusual, but nice.

But mostly, mostly this week, I have been using a Waitrose cheapie, because I’ve been in a hurry, and it’s refreshing, and it’s hot outside, and I like it.  All hail Lime and Basil Moisturising Bubble Bath.  It doesn’t dry my skin.  It smells nice.  It wakes me up.  I am busy and I am stressed, and that is all I can ask for, really.



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