Dolly Parton and Jesus

My friend is cooking me a roast and I am drinking an expensive rosé.  Dolly Parton is on Spotify, and it is hot, but not sunny enough to sprawl on the balcony.

Yesterday, I had my very favourite, a Grass bath, and spent the late afternoon sitting in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens with a different friend, and drinking cordial.  We have a cordial thing.

(Now Dolly is singing Coat of Many Colours, which inspired a conversation about whether Joseph with the Dreamcoat is the same as Jesus’s dad.  He’s not, right?)

Anyway, on Friday night, my mood fell off a cliff, for reasons which aren’t entirely clear, and I really don’t want to be related to Baclofen, which is still making me feel like I’m sitting on a cloud.  (Clue:  that’s not entirely good.)

The Grass bath perked me up a bit, but it wasn’t as glorious as the first few times.  I think I develop a tolerance to Lush products, like medication.

By the way, my phlebotomy bruise looks like this today:


Clearly I should win a prize.

It’s not that I hate Grass now – it was a lovely, lovely bath – it’s just I’m starting to notice its similarity to Playdoh.  Also – also! – I have noticed lately all my very favourite bath products are green:  Grass, Guardian of the Forest, Waitrose Lime and Basil… Is it a thing?  Are there any green products I don’t like?  I used to have an aversion to yellow baths, but these days I couldn’t care less, largely due to Tweet, which is awesome.

By the way, I should state for the record that it’s not recommended to mix Baclofen and alcohol.  Really not.  But, y’know, amazing rosé.  (Don’t do it, kids.)

The big news of the day is that this morning I cracked open the new style Ginger and Clementine bubble bath, which I used with the matching body wash.  It’s lovely.  It doesn’t bubble as much as I’d like it to, but it’s a lovely ginger smell, just like it was in the old style.  I didn’t really catch the clementine sweetness, but the clementine is far more evident in the body wash, which I really enjoyed.  My skin feels great, which is a bonus.  Sometimes, I find the cheap stuff can be drying – despite the evidence of this blog, I use cheap bath stuff a lot, and am only being decadent at the moment because I’m working hard, and earning well, and bathing is my recreation.  This Waitrose range, it hasn’t dried me out yet.

My friend just made me turn up Dolly.  He hasn’t noticed my bruise yet.



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