Going for Gold

My television is spewing out images of over-acheiving cripples winning medals.  I am sitting on my sofa rubbing Pied de Pepper lotion into my feet.

That is pretty much what I have been been doing for the last fortnight.

I am not a Paralympian.  I am very tired.  On Wednesday, according to my Fitbit, I slept for 11 hours and 2 minutes.

I have been doing things.

Bath-wise, I have taken two baths which involved Fizzy-o-Therapy, and oh god, that ginger clove-y smell.  It gets a bad press from Lush bloggers.  They’re all wrong.  Also, they don’t have cerebral palsy and they haven’t just worked eight days straight, and they don’t know the meaning of muscle fatigue.

They didn’t just get a bus to Kensington to go to an event and spend two hours on their feet.

I am not a Paralympian.  I like bathing.  I should win a medal.


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