Shoot for the Stars

Generally, I love honey-scented baths, and am still desperate for Lush to re-release B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, a shower gel which contains five different kinds of honey, and makes me and my flat smell rich and fresh for hours and hours.

Shoot for the Stars was easily my favourite bath bomb of previous Lush Christmas ranges, although its scent has always been a little bit too sweet to be perfect for me.  Last year’s version turned the water sparkly and purple and was among my favourite bath products ever.

This season’s version is adorned with cocoa butter golden stars, which was always going to be a challenge as I don’t really like oily bath products, partly because my skin hardly needs any help on the oil front, mostly  because I wash my hair by dunking it in the bathwater first thing – it’s a little bit disgusting, but easier than attempting to use the shower with limited hand eye co-ordination, and flooding the bathroom in the process.  New Shoot for the Stars leaves a LOT of oil on the surface of the bath, and now I’ve climbed out, my arms and legs are covered in it too.

It also turns the water a beautiful greeny-sparkly-turquoise, so sinking into it is like bathing in a lagoon.  I approve.  It smells strongly, more of caramel than of honey.  It always did.  And it’s left a river of glitter  and butter in my bath.

Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but right now I’m more interested in the richer, spicier scents, and still can’t wait to try out Boo! bath melt or sink into another pumpkin spiced bath.  I think I’m becoming psychologically obsessed with those pumpkin baths.  It’s going to be a fabulous autumn.


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