Things had been going really well, and then on Friday I was once again floored by the stupidity of other human beings, and the assumptions they make about you because they know you are disabled.

People are stupid, that’s all.  They don’t mean to be, but they are.  It’s sad.

It’s a shame, because life was going well.  Bathing was going well.  I had discovered new things.  Pixi Glow Tonic:  I think my skin looks better, or maybe I have just been inducted into their cult without realising.

More pressingly, I have a hair growing out of the mole in my face, and I lack the hand-eye co-ordination to do anything about it.  Being a crippled feminist is hard.  Maybe one day soon, looking like a fairytale witch will become fashionable.

And then there were more Lush Winter products:  I am in love with Boo! bath melt, I bought a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar on impulse at Lush Waterloo because I discovered it smells like Mr Punch soap, which smells like gin and tonic, and is my soap of choice.  It was in my work bag all day, and all day I was getting occasional whiffs of juniper, and it made me happy.  It’s funny, because it doesn’t smell that strong in the shop.  It made a lovely bath, but for some reason I wanted it to be a burgundy coloured bath, not an orange one.  It’s not like it didn’t signal that it was orange beforehand, I just felt like it should be redder.  You’d need to speak to my psychologist to find out why.

I don’t have a psychologist.

And I didn’t like the sparkles, which is weird, because I like sparkles.  I really, really like juniper, tho.  It was a brilliant bath, really unusual, possibly best accompanied by a glass of gin and tonic.

I dunno.  None of this makes stupid people OK.  I have to deal with them again on Monday.  I’m looking forward to that, obviously.  I know there will always be stupid people.   The Lush Winter range is limited edition.



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