No News is Good News

A lot has happened.

I have dragged a suitcase across the country, and been told by lots of helpful people that it is very heavy.  Just to clarify, what each and every one of them meant by that is ‘I was not expecting someone like you to be travelling alone with a suitcase that weighs more than a feather and, when I offered to help, I imagined I was fitter than I, in fact, am.’

I have arrived home, and have bathed a million and one baths, with hot water, and I have fallen asleep at random every day this week.

The Russian Ambassador has been shot in Ankara.
I have had a row with the NHS.  A big row, which I won, but has left me wondering what happens to people who are unable to have big rows.

I am still sorting out some Work Stuff and it is very tedious.  I probably shouldn’t blog about that, tho.

Today, I couldn’t decide what bath to have.  I mean, I got over-excited by Lush’s autumn collection, and invested in loads of extra Pumpkin bath bombs – the spice, the spice – and Boo! bath melts – THE GINGER – as well as the orangey one that looks like a monster and smells like The Enchanter, but somehow none of that appealed.

So what I ended up with was an Elixir.  Smells of cardamon, feels like a hug.  Also oiler than I would usually go for, but no matter, because I am having my hair cut tomorrow.  It’s Christmas, after all.


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