Let’s Go Outside

It is 2017, George Michael is dead, the Queen is not, and I have been visited by a cold so appalling I’ve barely left the flat since New Year’s Day, not that that’s an enormous hardship.

I love George Michael.  Also, it’s emerged that he funded ALLIFIE – The Alliance for Inclusive Education – for ages, so technically he is responsible for my University degree, or something.  George.  George!

There has been bathing – Avobath, French Kiss, Pumpkin; at one point I had to speed-bathe and just squirted some Yuzu and Cocoa into the water and went with it.  I came up smelling more of coconut than anything else.

I don’t do resolutions but this year I promised myself I wouldn’t spend money willy nilly, and will use things up before buying more.  And I have a lot of bath products.  A lot.   I should use them, that’s all.

The first test of this resolve was when Geo Phyzz – a salty bath bomb of old, that smells of oakmoss  and salt – appeared in the Lush Kitchen, available for sale for a short time.  Note that in the review I just linked to, Geo Phyzz appeared to cost £2.35, which is a lot of money.   In the Lush Kitchen last week, it cost £4.50, which is faintly obscene.  It’s GREAT for aching muscles, and for drifting off into a reverie and imagining you’re on a beach in Goa – I don’t know why Goa, I’ve never been there – but I have enough bath bombs to sink a very sweet-smelling battle ship, many of which are salve to my aching muscles, and I do actually want to go to a nice beach sometime soon, so maybe – maybe! – I should spend less money on bath bombs and fripperies for a while.  That’s the thinking.  The fact that Geo Phyzz cost £4.50 each made it easier.  And also, it’s one of those ones which does get less effective after a while, so at most I’d buy three, then have to use them in a hurry, and… I’m still a bit sad I didn’t do it.

As soon as I was well enough to appreciate it, I wanted a bright and lively scent to clean off the film of mucus which had surrounded me.  I’m not so much in to fruits and florals, but was briefly tired of the spices which dominate my collection, and have a newfound appreciation for Never Mind The Ballistics, which is just so fruity and cheerful, and not at all oily, and I could bathe in for ever and ever.  I later found out each one has a whole banana in it, which seems both implausible and like a waste of a banana.

I am now back at almost-full tilt, tho there is a tube strike tomorrow, which means I’m unlikely to get further than the flat any time soon.  Bastards.  I don’t even use the tube unless I have to, it’s not like it’s accessible, but the rest of London freaks out when they can’t use it, and then clog up my usually sedate bus routes, and act like using overground public transport is somehow novel.


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