Proper Bath

It’s been a while.  Not deliberately.  It’s just, Thursday night I was in a hotel room, and there was a bath, but the side was high, and the gradient was steep, and I didn’t.  I wouldn’t have made it out again.

Then, Friday, I was too tired, and Saturday morning I’d planned it, but I woke up late, and I had an appointment, so I just squirted some Ginger and Clementine in the bath and got on with it, in and out, and I had forgotten how good it was, but it wasn’t a long relaxing wallow.  It was functional. Sunday, I had to get out of the house early – earlier than I would have liked – so no bath then, either.  Until this evening.

I have been looking forward to this evening all day.  I woke up feeling shit and it didn’t get better.  I would have had a bath this morning, but I overslept, and I had things to do.  Calls to make, money to earn.  I did those things.  I did those things having had an omelette with sweetcorn for breakfast, so well done me.

Somewhere mid-morning, I got a calling for a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar bath.  What can I say, I enjoyed the smell, I have a stash.  It smells like juniper berry, like gin and tonic.  It is, when I am in the right mood, like being hugged.  It also smells like Mr Punch soap, which is my go to soap, although the bar I have is on the wane.  But basically, since 11am, I was fantasising about this bath.

And so I had it, a full hour of it, in the hour between Channel 4 News ending and Silent Witness beginning.  I used a whole one, just because I could, even tho using half a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar at a time would be an entirely reasonable thing to do.  Tonight, I wanted the full bubble experience.  I ran the bath bit to hot, like I usually do, and I crumbled the entire thing in, and then I luxuriated in the sparkly, spicy, juniper berry orange for as long as I reasonably could, and finally – finally! – managed to switch my brain off and just appreciate.

When I realised my neck and shoulders were stiff – I am not surprised, you would not believe the week I’ve had – there was some deliberation, but I ended up massaging myself with the honey banana goodness that is Mange Too, and it felt amazing, and I didn’t want to get out.  And when I did get out, I could very easily have had a second one.

I didn’t have a second one, but I did massage my entire feet and ankles with Pied de Pepper foot lotion while watching Silent Witness.  It’s brown, it’s spicy, some people hate it – me and my beleaguered feet love it.

I know everyone else is on about the Lush Valentine’s range.  I’m still on my spending ban and, anyway, me – I just like baths.


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