It would be generous to describe this week as mediocre, but today has brought improvements, not least of which is I am in possession of freshly baked cheese scones, even tho I can’t bake safely.

This recipe was involved, but with 50% extra cheese, and paprika instead of cayenne.  Cayenne is a bit Beyoncé for me.

Also, a situation that was naggingly sticky got resolved because I stood my ground, which should be a lesson in being bold, but really just terrified me for the duration.  Still.  Good thing.  And, Lush Kitchen revealed they will be producing B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful shower gel on Friday, my favourite bath product ever, with five kinds of honey – it makes the whole flat smell amazing for days at a time and is good for my soul – but which costs £20 a pop, and is less good for my bank balance, or spending plan.

I haven’t had a bath today because I am planning to have a long luxurious one tomorrow, and because my only trip outside the flat was to buy some baking powder.

Three good things.  Three’s not bad.


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