A Confession

I don’t like Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream anymore.  It’s not that I hate it, it’s just that, to me, it used to smell like chocolate orange but, these days, it smells like pineapple, and there’s nothing wrong with pineapple, but it’s February and my island is nowhere near tropical.

I can’t shower.  It’s the standing up, covering yourself in unctuous lotions, and not holding on to anything.  It just doesn’t work.  I don’t do it unless I have to.  I go through phases of going swimming, and you have to shower in the swimming baths – ironically – and the ones at my nearest accessible pool warn you that it’s only one person per shower cubicle, and the presence of that notice can only mean that people try and have sex in them on a regular basis.  And that’s my main experience of showers.

The other day, I had two baths.  When I’m in a hurry, my thing is squirting loads of shower gel in the bath, getting in the bath, and then washing myself down with the same shower gel. Ideally avoiding pineapple smells.

So I did that quickly, and then I went to work, and my body and my life were not co-operating with each other, so when I finished my day I came home in a taxi, even  tho I’m supposed to be being careful with my spending.

And then, another bath.  I was planning on Arnica Bath Milk which is incredibly when you are in a bear maul pain situation, but was diverted at the last minute to go with Phoenix – y’know, Phoenix thingy, the purple retro Lush one which, according to its ingredients list, comprising mainly cinnamon, I should LOVE, and I don’t hate, but which I rarely crave, preferring as I do the more autumnal spicy scents, the ones with pumpkin and juniper.  Anyway, I did that.  And I fell asleep in the bath.  And woke up smelling of cinnamon.  My life.

There are worse lives.

The week that’s just gone by was destined to be terrible, but actually turned out fine.  The summary:  I thought I was shit at my job, but I turned it round; I thought I had over-committed myself, but I got everything done; I had lots planned but wasn’t looking forward to any of it, but now I’m excited about the next few months.

As is always the case, I need to live through the next seven days first.  If I wrote a list of the things I have to get done, you would be bored witless and I would be crying, but this weekend I have achieved two things when I thought I wouldn’t get through either, and I have eaten the nicest Sunday roast I have eaten in months, and I have socialised.  Oh, and I did a mini-shop in Asda which was exciting because I don’t often do that, and yes, my life is that exciting.

On top of that the sun was bright, and it was still cold, but now I know Spring is on the way.



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