There are MacDonald’s adverts on telly that are making me crave burgers, even tho I had a perfectly tasty chickpea curry two hours ago.  I have been eating like a horse all day, I think it might be the roasties I had yesterday.  I have tried to sate my cravings with a multipack bag of beef hula hoops but it didn’t really hit the spot, surprisingly.

Today:  I went into work and I did things, and someone invited me to do some extra curricular writing, and I said yes, even tho only a lunatic would say yes.  I don’t have any time, but I like writing.  I am a lunatic.

In all honesty, I’m quite stressed.  Recognising this, I didn’t do any of the things I was supposed to do this evening, and I ran a hot bath, crumbling into it a whole Grass bubble bar into it.  Grass is almost literally my favourite bath product, except that last time I used it, it smelt a bit like playdoh and I was a bit over it.  Like I say, I develop a tolerance to certain Lush products.  I’m glad to say my tolerance to Grass has lowered and I’m once again obsessed, even tho the one I used was a bit old and faded, and the colour of the water a bit incredible hulk.  I didn’t care.  It was so fresh and cheerful.  I still smell of it now, like spring.

Just now, instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing or could usefully be doing, as well as eating hula hoops, I sent a couple of audacious emails.  Sometimes, I get brave.  I don’t suppose anything will come of them.

I have also watched a documentary about dementia, and now I am watching a documentary which features killer sausages, and I am slightly panicking about tomorrow, but I know that low level panic is likely to be a part of my week.

My phone just whooshed with the sound of an email coming in, and I thought it might be someone replying to one of my slightly-too-brave messages, but actually it was an advert for some gloves I am not going to buy.


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