Honey Monster

I am happy beyond measure with my B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful shower gel, which I am mostly pairing with the equally delicious Scrubee, and spending 45 minutes a day luxuriating in unctuous honey, which almost makes up for the fact that I’m not in my own flat at the moment, mostly.

I am happy the sun is showing signs of shining.  I need it to be spring.  If you’d asked me yesterday, or Saturday, I would have told you my life was great.  It was.  My friends are awesome.  I am surrounded by brilliant people.  And yesterday, I fell over in Waitrose.   The existential ludicrousness of falling over in Waitrose makes it worth the knee injury, almost.

Today started with sunshine:  glorious, glorious sunshine.  And I wasn’t looking forward to it very much, but it was OK in the end, apart from the bit where I nearly fell asleep in the office, but let’s pretend that didn’t happen, and let’s pretend I didn’t get followed back from the pharmacist by a randy German tourist.

Life has its irritations, of course it does.  There is honey.  There is sunshine.  Maybe it will be OK.


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