Well, hello.  Have I mentioned that in Wales they name everything after dragons?  And today, I found myself wandering around a city I do not live in, in need of something to put in my bath, a temporary bath which is too short and does not take my own length.

I stumbled into Miss Patisserie and sniffed everything, which I’m not sure is a way to make friends.  I settled on tediously-named Colour Fest, not because it was the best smelling, the best looking, but because it contains black pepper oil, which is rumoured to be good for aching muscles.

I tend to favour Lush products, because Lush products came first and tend to be better than the imitations, but I am regularly unfaithful because it’s worth seeing what’s out there.  And Colour Fest was a joy.  It produced acres of foam, and I like foam.  It also spewed out colours, and that was what I needed today, turning the water a turquoisey blue.  It smelt… nice.  I’m sorry if I can’t remember exactly, it makes for a shit review.  A little bit floral, maybe.  A little bit spicy.  I don’t know.  It wasn’t strong when it was in the bath, but that didn’t matter.  I luxuriated.

Then I slathered myself in Scrubee, and I don’t know what did what, but now my skin feels soft and smooth, and I’m lying in bed watching TV and eating chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs, and I wish I was at home with my friends, but life could be worse.


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