I’ve been away and now I am back.

I am so tired that even tho I knew there was a mystery parcel for me in the concierge office – probably an Easter egg of some description – I did not bother to go and pick it up for several hours, because picking it up necessitated getting dressed and putting shoes on.

Eventually, I did go and pick it up – chocolate truffles, and a bath bomb, from my mother – and I acquired a copy of Grazia on the way back, but Grazia’s proving a little to intellectually challenging for me right now.

Even tho I am trying not to think about things, I am thinking about things.  It is inconvenient.

Before I put my shoes on, a bath:  Guardian of the Forest, my very favourite.  All its green, foresty goodness.  And sparkle.  And a rub down with Devil’s Nightcap soap.  It’s an oakmoss thing.  Sometimes, oakmoss is the only way.

This thinking about things:  I have been having imaginary conversations with people who, in real life, would never understand what I was trying to say to them.  One of these imaginary conversations took place in an upmarket restaurant my conversee would never take me too, although he could afford to.

My bonus Easter bath bomb:  Which Came First?  The spotty one.  Fresh out of the jiffy bag, it smells vanilla, which I liked this morning.  I’m not generally a fan of vanilla baths, I’m more of a spicy, earthy girl.  Oak.  Moss.  But Which Came First was good to sniff this afternoon.  Maybe I will try it on Easter Sunday.  Maybe I won’t.

I am very pleased to be back.  I am very pleased with my own bath.  I would like very much not to have to think about things.  However, imaginary restaurant meals are very nice.


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