Well, it’s exciting in the UK

And the lesson of the week is: don’t call a snap election unless you’re very sure you’re going to win it.

I’m sure we’ll all take that lesson and move forward.

But there have been other excitements too:  a roast dinner, chocolate cake, a new nail polish, a Gorillaz gig at Brixton Academy – and when the finished, the exit poll results, Oh Lord! – and Wonder Woman on the big screen.  And yes, there’s a super villain with a facial disfigurement, and of course I rolled my eyes, but I can’t be bothered to do more than that.  I’m not offended, but it’s lazy and predictable.  Basically, I loved the film and she’s wearing clothes.  We all know disability equality comes later.

Also, if you want a Super Hero franchise which respects cripples, I give you the X Men.  All of them.  Thank you.

There were other developments, too, which suggest life may pick up over the next few weeks.  I ventured to North London, which I don’t do very often, because it’s a long way from South London, and the public transport routes are ugly.  But… well, I’ve had an adventurous week, that’s all.

Chicken fajitas and lime soda.

Also, making a bit of a knob of myself.

But still, somewhere in the middle of it all, an autumn leaf bath bomb, which a friend gave me for my birthday, even tho autumn leaf is a Christmas bath bomb and my birthday is in May.  Well done, that friend.

My Lush stash is obscene again.  Obscene.  But I like it that way, and life is good.



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