Thursday, I was in work at 8am.  By 2pm, I was fantasising about my bath, and figured maybe I should break out another Enchanter, so I would smell of sexy oranges all day today. I had an end point in my head for Thursday.  A place I wanted to get to before I finished.  7:30pm … Continue reading Honey


One Day. Two Baths.

So I binned out a networking event I was supposed to go to, in favour of a takeaway, and a second bath. I hate networking events, they are largely inaccessible to me.  Whatever the set up is, they always involve being able to move easily around the room, while making polite conversation, and having to … Continue reading One Day. Two Baths.


I have moved hotels.  I have moved cities, actually. I am exhausted.  I am stressed.  I knew this would happen. I brought a Guardian of the Forest bath bomb with me, it is like bathing in a forest, it sometimes works.  But I somehow knew the bath I have this evening would be quick and dirty, … Continue reading Hotel